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A film by Marco Alma 

Starring Ambra Occhipinti 

music by Daniel Birch 

Concept by Ambra Occhipinti 

Thanks to Chiesa San Nicolò l'Arena, Catania. 

Concept :

''By touching you delicately, I feel you, I perceive you, down to your deepest origins. Old, patient, wise. You are there supporting, bearing hands completely. Cold and volcanic you are in your soul. I come from you. You are here.''




Video  Alberto Nemo

Starring Ambra Occhipinti


The dance performance is focused on hands and arms language research: the natural gesture, tutting dance and electro-dance techniques, hands tension and release, pleasure and sorrow, sensuality and mysticism. 




Existential Pendulum

A film by Marco Alma 

Concept and Starring Ambra Occhipinti 



The time swings, the force of the weight composes unresolved trajectories. Ineffable distance creates binding friction. Contact is inextensible. Mass accelleration. Harmonic motion, angular grip. The existential pendulum, in unusual balance, describes the blurred time.


(+)(-) is a poetic reflection about the body as expression of harmonic symmetry between interdipendent entity. 

Directed by Marco Alma 

Performed by Marco Alma & Ambra Occhipinti 

Original Music by Antonio Lombardo 



- Corto in Accademia 2016 / Macerata, Italy / Winner of WebPrize - Videodance Exhibition RE-SEARCH Summer Festival 2016 / Jaffa, Israel / Selected - In/Out Video & Film Festival: Ethics Attention & Intention 2016/Philadelphia /Semifinalist - CINETEKTON Festival Internacional de Cine y Arquitectura 2016/ Puebla/ Selected - INTERNATIONALES TanzFilmFestival 2016 / Berlin, Germany / Selected  - Espressioni 2017, la rassegna di video-danza ideata da Perypezye Urbane / Selected - Moving Images International Videodance Festival 2017 / Nicosia / Selected


Showreel 2018

A journey through the movements. 

Short moments of breaths in which the heart beats more than for any other emotions. 

Here my dance, my inner rhythm, my person.

 Battles & Competitions

Juste Debout Holland Winner Experimental 

WOD Holland Popping Final 

Juste Debout Bercy Final


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