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PROJECTS – Ambra Occhipinti


The way I can share my dance vision with you
Experimental Workshop

Aim: Improve the body awareness and improvisation skills.The workshop focuses on movement awareness exercises, street dance techniques, use of body space and directionality, improvisation skills and “dance in one go”.


Lines Metric Workshop

Aim: Improve the upper body motion by using the arms.The workshop is for all the lovers of lines and angles. A deep journey to breathe and to experiment the world of the body shape.

Last Dates

  • 24.05.2019 MBS Accademy Dynamo, Eindhoven
  • 12.05.2919 Hippodrome Theatre, Birmingham
  • 17.05.2019 Rotondes, Luxemburg
  • 20.03.2019 On The One, Eindhoven
  •  16.10.2019 Dynamo, Eindhoven