”Time has changed. We are connected to nature only through organic religious rituals. Society has turned us into horrible machines, against every natural way of being. The transformation is unnatural and privative. Cities gradually increase in size and take on a mechanical sound, covering the great breathtaking spaces of the nature muse.The human body mechanically adapts to this inexorable ritual losing the connection with nature. ”

Extra content

The solo is inspired by the well-known documentaries Baraka (Benediction) – 1992 and Samsara (Sanskrit “continuous flow” or ” the infinite turning of the wheel of life ”) 2001, directed by Ron Fricke.

The documentaries with no narrative or voice-over, are enriched by the extraordinary music of the composer Michael Stearns, (who, has rediscovered the original recording after over 10 years and has remastered it exclusively for this version).

Choreographed and performed by  Ambra Occhipinti
Concept by Ambra Occhipinti
Videography by Marco Alma


Photography Sjoerd Derine

Rithual - a dance creation by Ambra Occhipinti