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Biography – Ambra Occhipinti



Ambra is a dancer and artist from Sicily, now based in the Netherlands with more than 8 years of experience.

At the age of 16, she approached Hip-Hop culture, taking an active part in it, first in Sicily, growing with her crew Mighty Sicily, and later on in the rest of Italy and abroad. She travelled multiple times to Paris, taking a part in courses at the “Juste Debout School – École de Formation in Danse Urbane International” in Paris, specializing herself in the discipline of Popping. Her knowledge is contantly getting wider thanks to several meetings with founders of the culture, such as Mr. Wiggles and Suga Pop, both from Rock Steady Crew and Electric Boogaloos (USA), Jr Bogaloo (USA) and also French dancers like the renowned Salah and Popping Smile.

Ambra made her way by taking part in numerous competitions ”Battles”, that allowed her to become a part of the world of Street Dance Underground, and to breathe the genuineness of Hip-Hop culture. Thanks to those events, Ambra became gradually one of the leading figures in Italy and abroad for the discipline of Popping.

Being a lover of the lines and the geometries of the human body, she has enriched her own vocabulary as a dancer to increase the awareness of her expressive medium, focusing on the study of different styles, such as “Tutting”, “Puppet” and “Toyman”. These styles, that belong ot the Popping discipline, facilitate better dissociation and muscular isolation of the left and right side of the body of improvisation.

She also approached  the contemporary  dance for short period, by studying floor work techniques with Salvo Alicata and Relaxation and Yoga techniques with Markéta Tomesova.

Her passion for travel and her great curiosity lead her to research the style and identity of the form, to combine feelings and techniques, to deepn her research in dance and in the art of movement.

In Catania, for about two years, Ambra has started organizing weekly dance workshops dedicated to improvisation and research of identity of movement in dancers. In the meantime, she graduated in Organic Chemistry at the University of Catania and took part in improvisational jam sessions in Italy and abroad, which allowed her to get in touch with professional dancers coming from different work experiences and expressive languages. To nurture her passion for improvisation, Ambra collaborated with the choreographer / dancer Federica Mastrangeli and with the musicians of the National Academy of Dance in Rome, Paolo Demitry and Federico Di Maio, in the project “Mapping the Sound” with live music, series of meetings between dancers and professional musicians based on research and the study of interconnected sound / movement.

During these years she devoted herself to experimentation and to study the history of  contemporary dance and modern dance, which allowed her to discover experimental dance avant-gardes, of which she became a very active member. The Experimental Community becomes her main great temple: a community of dancers focused on style development and experimentation, to overcome the limits and expand the dialogue between dance cultures.

Ambra is evolving her forms and her character, and her research focuses on lines and angles and incredibly refined symmetries.

In 2018, she won ‘’Juste Debout solo Experimental’’ in Amsterdam, and she is currently working as a professional dancer in theatrical and commercial productions, collaborating in video dance projects and appearing as judge and guest in various  European and American dance events . She is holding dance seminars on improvisation and Hip-Hop, and organizing events in Sicily to keep the local scene aware and alive.

Ambra’s goal is to spread her way of perceiving the body and the knowledge she acquired, continuing her research to inspire and spread her approach to dance.